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Vagina will be your ally for small female discomforts.

A blend of medicinal herbs specially formulated to soothe irritation, burning, itching and periods of vaginal dryness.

Calendula is the specialist of the skin, it regenerates the tissues and is antifungal, which makes it an ingredient of choice for this ointment.

Plantain quickly relieves itching and chamomile rebalances the Ph for a return to calm, helps lubricate in case of vaginal dryness, does not stain underwear


As soon as the discomfort is felt, apply the ointment to the area to be treated, repeat as needed

Safe for pregnant women, nursing mothers and children

Ingredients: Oily macerate of plantain, calendula and chamomile, natural beeswax

Size 30ml


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  • Ce produit n'est pas destiné à diagnostiquer, traiter, guérir ou prévenir des maladies. Ne remplace pas l'avis d'un professionnel de la santé.

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