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My story


Native of Fitch Bay, a small village in the Eastern Townships, I grew up on a self-sufficient farmhouse with parents close to nature. My woodsman father took me everywhere, taught me to know and recognize the resources of the forest, my mother cultivated the land and treated us with medicinal plants as her ancestors had done before her. Very young I felt a deep connection with the Earth-Mother, Today this transmission of knowledge flows in my veins



 my Mission

A few years ago after a big burn out, I decided to answer the ever-growing call of nature, to return to the land, follow my path and go back to school to deepen my knowledge of traditional herbalism. Then having the fiber entrepreneur, I founded my company.


My mission is to make you discover the virtues of nature through my products, to transmit my knowledge through workshops and educational outings but above all to make people understand how important taking care of what surrounds us is.

I work in harmony with Nature as I was taught, my wild pickings are done responsibly and with respect.  The cultivation of medicinal plants in my gardens is done in an ecological way, without any chemical fertilizers or pesticides as before, in an eco-responsible ethic.


 My Vision

An eco-responsible company

Taking care of the resources around me is essential, so it makes sense for my company to put in place several actions that   ensure that the message gets through.

The use of local resources is very important, which is why 78% of the raw material used in the manufacture of our products comes directly from our gardens, which are grown in an ecological way by reusing all the domestic compost in the fertilizer. of our gardens or the use of natural fertilizers such as plant manure.

All our containers are reusable, no plastic is used, they are made of glass, aluminum or compostable-biodegradable

Particular attention is paid to the reuse of raw materials, materials, containers and packaging

Here almost everything has a second life!

"I bring back my containers"

A loyalty program set up so that you can bring back your containers, so we can reuse them

The shopping bags and gift boxes are made of recycled kraft paper as well as some labels

Through these measures put in place, I am proud to be one of the actors of change who offers you an eco-responsible version of consumption  


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